Edmonds Gallery Folk Art - Paintings of Joan Dance
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Welcome to Edmonds Gallery where we have for your viewing pleasure the image” Singing for the Gallery”. In this image we see a man playing a guitar and apparently singing. “Wild abandonment” could be the subtitle of the image for it seems that the man is playing with all of his heart. And so it is here at the Edmonds Gallery. All that is done here is done with all that we have to give, you could call it gusto. We do all with gusto. This image is selected to represent Edmonds Gallery, only one of the businesses in the Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce. As the first company to represent the Paducah area to the world, Edmonds Gallery would like to offer you your very own Joan Dance painting. Our motto is “Everyone deserves a Dance”, as in “Joan Dance Painting” . One is deserved, Two constitute a collection.  

                                          Woman of Kentucky                  
          Joan  Dance