Edmonds Gallery Folk Art - Paintings of Joan Dance

April 2012

April update

Welcome to Edmonds Gallery update for April. Your attention is directed to the new feature
of the painting of the week. This week on" the Fifty Two Weeks of Dance", we feature, "Tea for Two". This image represents a couple. The twain became one flesh. As it was in the beginning so it continues. Stay tuned for the following weeks  on Edmonds Gallery, featuring the paintings of Joan Dance.

April Update

We're on the verge of going into Easter Sunday. Easter Sunday is the most precious day of the Christian Holy days. Easter means to me the certainty of participating in a personal resurrection from the dead. To me it means that the problem of mankind has been solved and solved in a most perfect way. The problem of all mankind was that we had to all die and to die eternally. Because of what Jesus did we now will experience resurrection just as Jesus was the first to be resurrected. We all have a place in the order of resurrection. I take this present time to accept the gift that Jesus has given us all.So happy resurrection day on Sunday and may you all have a most proporous rest of the month.