Edmonds Gallery Folk Art - Paintings of Joan Dance

June 2012

Week twenty-six

Welcome to Edmonds Gallery week twenty-six featuring for your viewing pleasure the painting "soul man". The eyes tell it all, this weeks picture represents the self control of the performer. As we prepare for the celebration of our great country's birthday we reflect on the individual performer and what it takes to make it to the big times and bright lights.
So without further ado we present  " Soul Man".

June 20th 2012 Update

 Welcome to Edmonds Gallery Week Twenty-Five, featuring " Red White and Gold Angel"
This is the painting for the week of June 17-23. Ms Dance painted this painting while thinking of heavenly things. The fact that this image is under the sun shows that the depicted Angel is an Angel that has a message for us here on the Earth. Is the Lord pleased with our actions here?  We must analize out relationship with the Lord God and if things art not right we have the responsibility to make things right.

June Update

Greetings and salutations, June is here!!! Finally the season of summer is upon us, the time of year when everything sould be approaching perfection. Congradulations to all of the May graduates and happy summer break to all of the Students. The Gallery has made quite a bit of progress since last posting. The focus now is on the Person who has Everything. The paintings do truly represent a bit of everything so the purchasers can say indeed that now they possess a bit of everything. Everybody deserves at least one Dance.