Edmonds Gallery Folk Art - Paintings of Joan Dance

July 2012

Olympics at Edmonds Gallery

During the London Olympics we at Edmonds Gallery do wish every participant the best of happiness regardless of the outcome. We celebrate your participation in these great games.
God Speed.!!!   We give you the image "Hope Springs Eternal" the lighting of the olympic flame.

Week 31

Welcome to week thirty one of the year of Dance. This week we present for your viewing enjoyment and also for the chance of purchase, Hope Springs Eternal. This painting is the artists visualization of the lighting of the Olympic Torch. This year this Great event takes place in London England bringing into World focus the great city of London. We look forward to all of the great events that will take place, and wish each olympic athlete God Speed and each onlooker the best experience that can be experienced.

Week Thirty

Welcome to week thirty of the year of Dance. This week we feature the painting "Creek Fishin".Fishing is one of the themes of Mrs Dance. This week we focus on fishing in the creek.
Relaxation is the central focus of creek fishing. What ever we do to collect the stress and pressure that comes on us must be put off of us, and one good way to do that is to relax while fishing.

Week Twenty Nine

Welcome to week Twenty Nine. This week we show the old fishing hole at Maxon Mills. Fishing isn't always about catching the most fish. Sometimes it is about relaxing.
The Lady in the Painting is dream fishing. The vibration of the fishing pole will bring the fisher back to the present. In the meantime the fisher is fishing for relaxation and for Dream Fish. Dream Fish always bring total relaxation.