Edmonds Gallery Folk Art - Paintings of Joan Dance

August 2012

Week thrty-six

Welcome to Edmonds Gallery week thiryt-six where this week we find a young man picking berries. Although the painting is titled picking berries, when viewed closely it can be seen that the young man is eating more berries than he is saving. What can you see in the image for week thirty-six?

Week Thirty-five

Welcome to Edmonds Gallery week thirty-five. This week we focus on a painting that Mrs Dance painted from the childhood memory of gleaning apples that were dropped in their vicinity by the produce train that passed through on it's way to market.
In the painting the children collected the free fruit and even though it was free there were still complaints by the gleaners.
So without further comment we present "Shipping Apples".

Week Thirty Four

Welcome to Edmonds Gallery week Thirty-four. This week we present for your viewing pleasure the Joan Dance Original "Day Dreaming". In the image the Artist portrays two youth at play, the one flying his kite has relaxed from the rigors of guiding the kite through the air and simply allowed the kite to fly itself. While relaxed he begins to day dream and it appears that the line of the kite is entangled in the tree. The girl watches and stops her activity to see the sight.

Edmonds Gallery

Edmonds Gallery welcomes you once again to the week of Dance. This week we present "Three Women of Color." In the image  we see two women facing forward and one woman facing backwards. The viewer determines the meaning according to the feeling felt by the viewer. What does the image mean to you. Look into the image for that answer.

August first week

Welcome to August at the Edmonds Gallery.!!! We are past July at last and maybe the intense heat will cool down somewhat now. The featured image for the upcoming week is titled "Everybody"s talking about the weather". It seems that Ms Dance titled this one for our cuiousity.
To me this image says that we all have two opposite things always being wispered in our ears, and we must choose the correct one to listen to. The one is from the flesh and the other one is from the Holy Spirit. We must choose correctly. The image could have been titled "choose correctly". See the frount page for the image.

Jumping the Broom 1853

Welcome to Edmonds Gallery in the month of August. The featured image at this time is "Jumping the Broom". This image represents the institution of Marriage as it has come down to us through the years. In the painting it can be seen that Mary Ann Landrum Grubbs is opening the eyes of Richard Gordon Grubbs with the help of the broom. It can be seen that Richard now finds himself in a new Relationship. The wife exerts her dominance.
The background shows thier locationship as being in the neighborhood of Winchester Kentucky,Clark County in the year of our Lord 1853.