Edmonds Gallery Folk Art - Paintings of Joan Dance

September 2012

Week 40 Three Women

Welcome to week 40 Joan Dance Paintings. This week we add another painting. This painting shows three women facing in different directions. Stay tuned for further discription.

Week 40 Braiding Hair

Welcome to Edmonds Gallery Week 40. This week we display for your viewing pleasure the image "Braiding Hair".  We are allowed to peruse the image of a mother and child.  The young lady is having her hair groomed, and in receiving the grooming she is also receiving rearing and her teaching and training directly from the one that cares the most for her. The time that it takes to have her hair done is the most precious time in the world. It is this instruction time that molds and makes her into the beautiful young lady that is destined to do the same for her future children and thus insure the orderly transition of the things that make up this world and takes us into the next one in a good order.

Week 39 Meme

Welcome to Week 39 of the year of Dance. This week we present for your viewing pleasure the image Meme. We see a mother and child with the child having her hair groomed. THe mother child bond is formed from these moments and when the youth is grown then the cycle continues whth the child now becoming the mother with a child of her own.

Week 37 and week 38

This week Edmonds Gallery features week thirty eight. This image depicts a thing that happened years ago when Ms Dance hired two of her great nephews to do some light yard work and arranged the payment before the work was done. After getting into the actual work it seemed to them that they underestimated the job and now desired to renegotiate their payment. Youth at work is this weeks image.