Edmonds Gallery Folk Art - Paintings of Joan Dance

October 2012

Week 45 Jennie put your kettle on

Welcome to Week 45 of the year of Dance where we focus this week on the old folk song Jennie put your kettle on from 1803.
Jennie put the kettle on,
Polly blow the dinner horn,
Jennie put the kettle on,
We'll all have tea.
Jennie plays the kettle drum,
Polly blows the slide trombone,
Mama plays the clarinet,
And Daddy's leaving home!
This painting somehow came to Ms Dance' memory and she painted this image to record the memory. What were you doing in 1803 ?

Week 44 Lap Quilting

Greetings and welcome to week 44 of Edmonds Gallery's " Year of Dance". This week we have for your viewing pleasure the image "Lap Quilting". We see in the image what looks to be a man quilting on his lap. the man is turned with his right side showing.What does this image say to you the viewer?

Week 43 Seasons

Greetings and welcome to week 43 of Edmonds Gallery's " Year of Dance".
This week we see Ms Dance's depiction of what she calls " Seasons". There is indeed a Season for everything. In the image we see what looks to be two women one young and one old. A closer examination shows that this is two different times as evidenced by the showing the two different suns above the women. The young become the old.

Week Fourty- One

Welcone to Edmonds Gallery Week Fourty- One of the Year of Dance. This week for your viewing pleasure we present "Walk like An Egyptian". Ms Dance brings to our view the popular actions that we bring from popular events. This time the thing to do is the latest dance from the latest song. When the fad is over and the song fades from being popular then we cannot believe that we did the things that we found ourselves doing. What will be next ?