Edmonds Gallery Folk Art - Paintings of Joan Dance

November 2012

Week 49 Edmonds Gallery

Welcome to week 49 where we now focus on Ms Dance's Image "Marching to Zion"
In the image we see depicted one man in multiple poses. The first pose is "under the sun"
the rest are not. It appears that the man is singing and it could be that the song that he is singing is " Marching to Zion". We're marching to Zion, Beautiful Beautiful Zion, We're marching upward to Zion the Beautiful city of God. What does the image say to you?

Edmonds Gallery Week 48 Guitar Player

Welcome to Week 48 of the Year of Dance where this week we focus on the" Guitar Player".
There's something about the selection this week that to me says Church. I would think the stained glass in the background gives me the first hint. The heavenly look on the Guitar Player's face make me wonder just what song it is that he is playing. What does the image say to you?

Week 47 Hope Springs Eternal

Welcome to Week 47 of" The  year of Dance". This week we view the image "Hope Springs Eternal". In the image by Ms Dance we see what appears to be the lighting of the Olympic Torch. Maybe this symbolizes the spark of effort lighting the pool of results.You the viewer are the one that can say what the image means to you.

EdmondsGallery Week 46 Kentucky Quilter # 26

Welcome to Edmonds Gallery Week 46, this week we come back to the present. We see a Quilter that quilts and while she is quilting she appears to be talking. Just what is it that she is saying we somehow know. What does she say to you ?