Edmonds Gallery Folk Art - Paintings of Joan Dance

December 2012

Week 52 Year of Dance Stretching Lace Curtains

Welcome to week 52 of the Year of Dance.  We are finally at the end of the Year of Dance 2012. This week we have for your viewing pleasure the Image entitled "Stretching Lace Curtains". In the Image we see a young woman stretching lace curtains. She is incredibly skillful in this endeavor. I like the color selection and as with all of Ms Dance' paintings the image appears to change each time the viewer views it and depending on the circumstances the image appears and makes the needed statement.

Week 51 Edmonds Gallery Joan Dance Paintings

Welcome to Edmonds Gallery Joan Dance Paintings Week 51. This next to last week of this most eventful year of 2012 has arrived and this week we present for your viewing pleasure the image "On The Road Again". This image was conceived while Ms Dance was on a Church Trip to Eastern Tennessee. While on the Road Trip Ms Dance met a Traveling Band which had in it, "The knee player". This Musican plays very well while sitting down. Sooner or later we all have to just sit down and relax. May this year bring you all of your hearts desire.!!!

Week 50 Year of Dance

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to each and every visitor to Edmonds Gallery and Joan Dance Paintings. This week the featured Painting is "Enjoy Yourself". In the image we see two young people relaxing and enjoying one another. It is extremly necessary to relax and destress in this stressful holiday season. So view the image and relax and... enjoy yourselves.