Edmonds Gallery Folk Art - Paintings of Joan Dance

January 2013

Week Five Year of Dance

Welcome to week five of the Year of Dance 2013. This week for your viewing enjoyment we bring the image entitled "Everybody talks about the weather". In the image we see three people, one on either side of the center person. The two seem to be saying things each in his turn. One seems loud and one appears gentle. One is on the right and one is on the left. The image on last week was the parents and this week we focus on the deliberations of the children. How can they know the correct choice? They must be taught to choose wisely and each time the choice appears, the right decision will be made.

Week Four Husband and Wife

This week we focus on the institution of Marriage. We see in the image the Husband and Wife. The Twain has indeed become One. This indeed is the most perfect foundation of the Family, for from marriage comes children, that become our future. We see on their heads the crown of Glory or their assurance of their personal Salvation. They are dressed in Royal Clothing symbolizing their being Children of the King, God.

Week Three Blue Monday #3

Greetings, today is Monday and thus an appropriate day to showcase the painting "Blue Monday #3". In this image we see a woman washing clothes in the "old fashioned way", by hand, in a tub of wash water. Ms. Dance remembers the days when this had to be done in this fashion. The good thing about this is that these days are in the past and now there are better ways to wash the family's clothing. This painting brings these days to memory.

Week Two Just for You Edmonds Gallery

Again, Welcome to Edmonds Gallery, where we have the "Paintings of Joan Dance". For the second year we present a "Year of Weeks". For the next 50 weeks we endeavor to bring you a new original "Joan Dance Painting" each week for the year 2013. We conclude Week Two with the image "Just for You".
We have for your viewing pleasure an automobile seller and an automobile buyer. The old maxim is "let the buyer beware".  In the image we see the seller with one hand  that appears to be larger than normal.

Edmonds Gallery

 Well we made it to 2013, therefore we here at Edmonds Gallery want to wish you a most prosperous Happy New Year. Continue to follow the Blog posts each week of 2013. There will be new things to see as the year transpires. So please continue to click in and we will see what 2013 will bring from Edmonds Gallery and the paintings of Joan Dance.