Edmonds Gallery Folk Art - Paintings of Joan Dance

February 2013

Week Nine Year of Dance, Musicians

Welcome to week nine of the year of Dance 2013. This week we feature musicians sitting on a park bench. One musicians plays and the other watches intently. Could it be that Ms. Dance is showing the passing of the craft to the younger from the elder? It certainly does appear to be so. We must all learn our craft and who is qualified to transfer that knowledge better than one who has mastered said craft? Who is better prepared to receive that knowledge than the one who is ready willing and able to do so? We here at Edmonds Gallery wish the best to all who strive to do just that.

Week Eight Dance by the light of the moon

Welcome to week eight of the year of weeks Edmonds Gallery. On this week we have the privilege and the honor of viewing Ms Dance's painting entitled "Dance by the light of the moon". In the image we see a couple dancing. They are precision whirling around the dance floor. We have to stop and enjoy life from time to time. What is coming up that would be good attend. Get out there and participate.

Week Seven Woman Playing Drum

Welcome to week seven of the second Year of Dance. This week we see a woman drumming with a stained glass in the background. The hands of the drummer are just flying so we can imagine the sound coming from the instrument. The drum is also a symbol of communication so this can symbolize a good understanding. What do we need to have an understanding of this week ?

Week Six Girl with caged animal

Welcome to Week Six in the second Year of Dance. This week we display for your viewing pleasure the painting " Girl with caged animal". In the painting we view a young girl dressed in athletic attire. Her eyes seem to question the viewer. The caged animal represents her having her passions in control and caged. The sunflowers symbolize success. Where are your successes coming from lately?