Edmonds Gallery Folk Art - Paintings of Joan Dance

March 2013

Week Thirteen Tennis Anyone

Welcome to Week Thirteen of the Year of Weeks 2013. On this week we have for your viewing pleasure an elite athlete Tennis Player. The U.S. Flag in the background indicates that the player is from the U.S. and apparently is doing her best to win the match. We display this image to welcome Springtime as the sport of Tennis is a Springtime Sport.
Time to get active and rush into Spring. March winds bring April Showers, and April showers, bring may flowers.

Week Twelve And a Child shall lead them

Welcome to Week Twelve of the Year of Weeks Joan Dance Paintings. On this week we see a Child leading around a Giraffe. There are other Giraffes in the background roaming free. The child is in control of the great animals. The fowl of the air follow the child and the other animal seems to be going in the opposite direction. In this modern world will we, like the child, remember who we truly are and learn to control the forces of nature that sometimes control us ?

Week Eleven Bring up a Child

Welcome to Week Eleven of the Year Of Weeks Edmonds Gallery Joan Dance Paintings.
This week we bring you for your viewing pleasure the image" Bring Up A Child". In this image we see Parents and their Child. The Child appears to be going through some motions. These motions are the motions that grow the Child into an Adult. The lines are the passing of time and that brings one generation into the next generation. The end result is the continuation into the future. Bring up a child in the way that he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. What does the image say to you ?

Week Ten Neighborhood Watch Old Style

Welcome to Week Ten in the year of weeks viewing Joan Dance Paintings. On this week we view a Woman ironing in the Old Fashioned Way ,without a cord. The viewer can see that the woman is actively watching the activities that occur just outside of her window. Now as then there is always someone watching everything that happens. Be ye not deceived all is viewed. There is nothing new under the sun. What are some of the things that we think go unnoticed ? Chances are that they too are viewed by someone.