Edmonds Gallery Folk Art - Paintings of Joan Dance

May 2013

Little Sally Walker

Welcome once again to Edmonds Gallery the Home of Joan Dance Paintings. This is week Twenty-Two of the Year of weeks of Joan dance Paintings. On this week we see a circle of children moving around a child in the middle. The children chant and the child in the middle chooses one of them to take her place. What does this say to you the viewer? Does this childhood game have any bearing on reality or is it all child's play? Or is there another meaning to this image?

Week Twenty-one Merry Mack

Welcome to Edmonds Gallery Week Twenty one of the Year of Weeks 2013 Joan Dance Paintings. This week for your viewing enjoyment we present the image "Merry Mack". In the image we see two girls playing. They chant a song while they clap hands in different patterns. The tempo quickens until a mistake is made ending that session, only to begin again. They get better as they exercise until they are truly amazing. Practice makes perfect comes to mind but the truth is that only perfect practice makes perfect. 

Week Twenty Basket Weaving

Welcome to Week Twenty of the year of Weeks 2013 Edmonds Gallery. On this week we see a basket weaving young lady weaving a new basket. There's something in creating something that is very rewarding to the creator. It is something like creating a new life. What will be the experiences that the new creation will have? In this new season what will we see? What impression will we make? What will be said of us? On this week while we weave our own personal baskets what will they be like?

Midweek A Horse of a Different Color

Welcome to the Year of Dance 2013 midweek blog, featuring the image,” A Horse of a Different  Color.”  The depiction is of something that doesn’t quite fit the mold or something that is very unusual. That thing seems to stick out like a sore thumb. On this post Derby Day what is in the spotlight?