Edmonds Gallery Folk Art - Paintings of Joan Dance

June 2013

Week Twenty-Five Little Sally Walker Two

Welcome to Week Twenty-Five of the Year of Weeks, Joan Dance Paintings. On this Week we bring an Image that has been done before by Ms Dance. This time she has added a little extra to the subject. The image comes with a sing-song to go along. The song goes, "Little Sally Walker sitting in a saucer, rise Sally rise, wipe your weeping eyes, turn to the east, turn to the west, turn to the one that you love the best." In the game the one that she turns to is the new one that goes in the middle of the circle and becomes the new Sally Walker.

Week Twenty-Four When a man Luvs a Woman

Welcome to Week Twenty- Four of the Year of Weeks Joan Dance Paintings 3013.
On this week we have for your viewing pleasure the Image "When a Man Luvs a Woman."
In this image we see a Man and Woman  in the process of becoming Man and Wife. This entry into the Holy state of Matrimony has been Ordained by God Himself and is the preferred state for building the family. One asks the question, why get married ?, and the answer is in part so that children may be born that will carry on the human race.

Week Twenty-Three

Welcome to Edmonds Gallery Week Twenty-Three of the Year of Weeks 2013 Joan Dance Paintings. On this week we have for your viewing perusal the Painting "Tooth Brush".
In the painting we see two youth, with one of the youth having lost a tooth or teeth. The other youth is looking away from the first youth with a quizzical look on his face. The youth that has lost the tooth appears to be feeling for his lost teeth. He has perhaps been told that this is a rite of passage from child to a more mature state. The first change that heralds many changes to come, culminating in an adult that will have children to start the cycle yet again. As we view we also reflect on where in this process we are personally. We are reminded to, number our days that we might apply wisdom, for the days of our life are indeed fleeting. While we are yet robust and strong, what things must we now do ?