Edmonds Gallery Folk Art - Paintings of Joan Dance

August 2013

Week Thirty-Five Woman in Orange

Welcome again to Edmonds Gallery, Year of Weeks, Joan Dance Paintings week Thirty-Five. On this week we have for your viewing enjoyment another Original Painting by the Artist Joan Dance, the painting "Woman in Orange".
By the look on the Woman's face we see that she is neither happy nor sad. The color of her clothes may then let us know   what she is about. She has chosen as her color today the color orange. Orange is made of yellow and red. Yellow like gold and red like passion. So maybe the reason that she is so lifeless is because she has set her eyes on riches as her passion,  thus the red and yellow combination becomes for her, orange. There are things that she finds herself in need of that she     desires. The Word teaches us to seek first the Kingdom of God and all that that holds, and all of the things that she needs  will be added to her. Happy indeed is the one that finds the path through life's snares.

Week Thirty-Four Green Tomato Catsup

Welcome to Week Thirty-Four of the Year of Weeks Joan Dance Paintings. On this week we have for your viewing pleasure the image," Making Green Tomato Catsup". This activity is a thing that was done more in the past when people grew their own vegetables. The art was then to mix the necessary ingredients and coming up with this tasty creation. It was so tasty when consumed  with white beans and corn bread. A small amount went a long way. One of the things Ms Dance does well is to depict the things women did to care for their families. Even today there are things that only women can do to make life better. What are some of the things that are done today? It indeed takes two to make the world go around. On this week we at Edmonds Gallery we celebrate the things that are done by family members to make the ends meet.

Man and Guitar

Welcome to week 33 of the Year of Weeks 2013 of Joan Dance Paintings. On this week we have an Original displayed.
The Image is of a Man with a Guitar  and what looks to be a keyboard in the background. What was on Ms Dance's mind when she painted this image? It appears that the man is facing the guitar and has his back to the keyboard. This could show a choice of the guitar and a turning away from the keyboard. We all have choices to make in this world. With the resources available we sometimes have to choose between things that we want and things that we need. What are some of the choices that you have to make today? Choices make the world go round.

Week Thirty-Two Man in Blue Hat

Welcome to week thirty-two of the year of weeks Joan Dance Paintings. On this week we again have an image that has been shown before. The Image "Man in Blue Hat" is one of my personal best. In the image we see a man that is looking kind of abstract. Ms Dance depicts a mundane image that takes on a life of its own. What feelings and emotions does this image bring to surface as it is viewed? Ms Dance maintains that the image means what the viewer sees and it means to the viewer what the viewer decides it to be. What does the image mean to you the viewer ? What do you feel while viewing this image ?

Week Thirty-One Year of Weeks

Welcome to week Thirty-One of the year of Weeks Joan Dance Paintings. On this week we have for your viewing pleasure a favorite image that has been shown before. Although this is not the first showing, the subject shown is still quite fascinating. We see a young girl with a caged animal on her head. The symbolism displays cool confidence and  control. Just what the animal represents depends on what the viewer has gained control over. Our congratulations go out to all that have gained such control.