Edmonds Gallery Folk Art - Paintings of Joan Dance

Week Thirty-Six Year of Weeks Sista Three

Welcome to Joan Dance Paintings, Week Thirty-Six. On this week we have for your viewing pleasure the image Sista Three. Ms. Dance has at least two previous Sistas created before this particular Sista. What could be the possible meaning of this image and why did Ms. Dance paint her these three times? The first thing that is seen that is somewhat different about this image is that there is no characteristic Sun in this image. The absence of the sun makes a statement. In Ms. Dance' paintings, most of the time she places a sun in the top of the image, and the placement of the sun makes a statement. Morning is usually on the left, noon in the middle, and evening is on the right. The absence could mean that this image is set at night. In that case maybe the young lady is dressed to go out on the town. Her conservative dress is non- revealing and modest. Her gold earrings symbolize Royalty. She has a Royal mindset and is serious about the activity that she is about to participate in. She must be careful in this wild world, for the world is truly divided into those that will make it into everlasting, and those that will not. On this night on the town she must choose between those things that are eternal and those thing that are passing away. We have to make the same choices in our life. What will we choose when confronted with eternity? We all have that choice. We must choose correctly.

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boom essays on Monday, July 9, 2018 1:44 AM
The sista three and joan painting for two previous possible meaning of this image and why did place a sun in the top of the image. The gold earrings symbolize royalty and more choose correctly with more choices.
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