Edmonds Gallery Folk Art - Paintings of Joan Dance

November 2013

Blue Tailed Fly

This week we have an image gleaned from a song from the past. We see a horse reared up and seemingly upset about something. The reigns are hanging loose and the horse is facing a fly. Upon closer inspection the fly appears to have a blue tail. This could only be the infamous "Blue Tailed Fly". These fly's were known for their vicious bite and it appears that this horse was just bitten. The song that goes with this painting depicts a man whose sole purpose in life seemed to be the avoiding of this particular fly.

Word Quilts

 Welcome to Edmonds Gallery where this week we have for your viewing pleasure the image "Word Quilts". In the Image we see three people Quilting. The older women are busy quilting and while quilting one is passing on some information that makes the other speechless with the content of the communication. The younger one there is also privy to the words that are said and she also reacts, but in a different way. What does this image say to you?

Joseph's Coat

Welcome to Edmonds Gallery where this week we have for your viewing pleasure the image "Joseph's Coat"
The imagery that comes to mind when I see this is of one that saves many.  Joseph's translation of the dreams of Pharaoh, King of Egypt, resulted in many lives saved.What does this image bring to your mind?

Girl with caged animal

Welcome to Edmonds Gallery November 20th entry. On this week we have an image that is a popular image. The image shows a girl with a caged animal atop her head. She is smiling and appears poised and well balanced.
The girl appears to be dressed in athletic attire with sunflowers in the background. Atop her head the caged animal seems not to be agitated as if at any time it would be loosed. The sun is on the right of the girl and appears to be rising early in the day. What does this image say to you?

Jumping the Broom

Welcome to Edmonds Gallery November 2013, Paintings of Joan Dance.
On this showing we see a Man and Woman. The image is set in the past where thee was the tradition of  "Jumping the Broom."  Marriage in those days was more serious than is seems to be now. The jumping of the broom symbolized a togetherness of the Man and the Woman. In this particular image we see the Woman spanking the Man with the broom and the Man's eyes appear to be snapped wide open.What does the image say to you?

Week Thirty-Four Green Tomato Catsup

Welcome to Week Thirty-Four of the Year of Weeks Joan Dance Paintings. On this week we have for your viewing pleasure the image," Making Green Tomato Catsup". This activity is a thing that was done more in the past when people grew their own vegetables. The art was then to mix the necessary ingredients and coming up with this tasty creation. It was so tasty when consumed  with white beans and corn bread. A small amount went a long way. One of the things Ms Dance does well is to depict the things women did to care for their families. Even today there are things that only women can do to make life better. What are some of the things that are done today? It indeed takes two to make the world go around. On this week we at Edmonds Gallery  celebrate the things that are done by family members to make  ends meet.

Angel Week Thirty-Seven Year of Weeks Joan Dance Paintings

Welcome to Joan Dance Paintings, Week Thirty-Seven. On this week we see an Angel. The angel is located away from Earth, presumably in Heaven. The colors that are worn by this Angel are Gold Red and Blue. The Angel appears to be wrapped in a Cloud and holding something as yet immaterial. The specks that make up the air are shimmering and shining and appear to be forming images. We see the right side of the Angels face and the Angel has a closed mouth. This could symbolize that the thing that is of importance here is not a spoken message but a carried message, carried in the Angel's hands. What can this possibly be? What do the Angels have to bring us on today? Many treasures are sent to us daily. We have only to receive them.


Welcome to Edmonds Gallery where we display the works of the Artist Joan Dance. On this week we have for your viewing pleasure the image entitled "Seasons". In this image we see two women one young, and one appears to be elderly. The sun in the background tells a story, the suns display the time remaining in each life. The younger woman's sun is rising,giving her more time, and the older woman's sun appears to be setting showing that there's not as much time left. The natural question is, what effect has the lives of these women had on the earth? On other's lives? The true question is, what effect has their lives had on the Lord God's eternal Kingdom?

Week Thirty- Eight Year of weeks 2013 Joan Dance Paintings

Welcome to Joan Dance Paintings, Week Thirty-Eight. On this week we see a man with a strange look on his face. Upon closer inspection we notice that two others vie for his attention. The one on the right seems to speak softly while the one on the left seems to speak harshly. What could be the meaning of this image? To me it speaks of the two natures that are constantly swaying us one way or the other. Do we listen to the one that blares loudly or the one that speaks with the small still voice?

Listening... November Thirteenth

Listening                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Welcome to November Thirteenth, Year of Dance, Joan Dance Paintings.