Edmonds Gallery Folk Art - Paintings of Joan Dance

December 2013

Lace Curtains

A short time now to midnight -
another year has flown.
We have wished the whole world blessings
from Christ upon His throne.
We have taken up our cross.
Ran the race with joy and tears.
May God forgive and strengthen
In this new, approaching year.

Help us realize our failures are
not always for a loss.
That the cross that we must carry,
when our minds are tempest tossed,
Helps us to thank you Lord, for all things.
Every mountain that we climb,
Leads us one more step to Jesus,
And His promises sublime.

Thank you Father, for the old year.

Noel Noel

  Welcome to Edmonds Gallery Christmas post. On this day we have for your viewing pleasure the image Noel Noel. In this image we see a woman with a trumpet. The trumpet is proclaiming the birth of the King of Kings. The red Christmas Flowers are a celebration of the season of Peace. We at Edmonds Gallery thank you for viewing this year and invite you back for the 2014 year. We send out Blessings on this season and wish you and yours a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.