Edmonds Gallery Folk Art - Paintings of Joan Dance

September 2015

Two Women

Welcome to Edmonds Gallery where we have for your viewing pleasure the image " Two Women". True to the title of this image there are two women displayed. The women both have objects. One has her object balanced upon her head and the other woman is looking in the direction of her object. The sun rises in a light blue sky and the women appear to be in a green area or an area that appears rural. The meaning is surely according to the viewer. It has been said that the holder of the images of Joan Dance does not choose the image, The image chooses the holder.

In the Garden

Welcome to Edmonds Gallery the home of Joan Dance Paintings.
On today we have for your viewing pleasure the image  "In the Garden".
In the image we see what appears to be a couple. The young lady is gazing upon the young man who is pressing his hands together. In the back ground there are lovely flowers that are growing abundantly. The sun is shining brightly and it looks to be a fairly pleasant day. The young man is looking straight ahead with clear eyes. Will the two become a couple?