Edmonds Gallery Folk Art - Paintings of Joan Dance

June 2017

March Winds

Welcome once more to Edmonds Gallery the home of Joan Dance Paintings. We here at Edmonds Gallery are pleased as can be to show to the world the Art of Joan Dance. Joan Dance was named a Kentucky Woman in the field of Art. Joan's Art seems to have a life of its own sometimes. The images allow one to concentrate on them, and the cares of the world take second place. It is at this time that one may perceive the answer to perplexing problems. What are the problems that confront us on today ? When used in this way the images that Joan Dance creates become Therapy. Look into the Image. What does it say ? March winds bring April showers and April showers bring May flowers. Things roll out each year in an orderly manner. We have a new beginning each year. Another chance to get things right and keep things right. Wind will blow, rain will fall. We all need to know how to get through the rough times and then get to the times that matter. These times are then symbolized by the May Flowers. We must then stop and smell the sweet fragrance of the Spring Flowers. We must humble ourselves before God for He has made us and not we ourselves. He will carry you through the tough times.