Edmonds Gallery Folk Art - Paintings of Joan Dance

March 2018

Three Women Celebrating

Welcome to Edmonds Gallery Joan Dance Paintings. On today we have for your viewing pleasure the image" Three Women". These women appear to be in the act of celebration. What is it that could possibly put these three in the same place doing the same thing together? They appear to have spring flowers overhead and falling about them as they pleasantly celebrate. It comes to my attention that they must be in the process of celebrating the fast approaching season of Spring.The truth is that Winter is melting more and more each day now and soon the sweet aroma of Spring will greet our senses. After the enduring of the cold and dull unpleasant season we welcome the warm and nice season. We must take the time to celebrate with those that we love while we yet can, the day will come when we will not want to go out. Thankfully that day is not today.