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Joan Dance Paintings

In the Garden

Welcome once again to Edmonds Gallery the home of Joan Dance Paintings. On today we have still the image" In the Garden." We would love for all to have this image for their very own. For each purchase for a limited time a question will be answered. If the answer to your question is unsatisfactory then the price of your selection will be reduced by ten percent.
After the Garden experience Mankind was fruitful and multiplied until is came to you and me. What is your story?

In the Garden

Welcome once again to Edmonds Gallery home of Joan Dance Paintings. It has been some time since last we shared space, and though we are far away we share this space and the ability to acquire the image" In the Garden" by Joan Dance. The image takes us back to the beginning where the original Man and Woman were abiding in the Garden of Eden. Disobedience resulted in original sin. Original sin passed down through the generations until it arrived to you and me. That sin separated us from God our Creator until the debt was paid and we were redeemed from death to life. The gift of life is offered, all one has to do is accept it. In the beginning there was a decision to be made. Go to the Home page and click the Guitar Man's link that takes you to  Fine Art America, Edmonds Gallery, where we have many choices for you to enjoy. We begin with "In The Garden".

Everyone talks about the Weather

Welcome to Edmonds Gallery, the home of Joan Dance Paintings. On today we are here to celebrate the development of Ms. Dance's ability to give to the entire world the images of Dance. Now we are able to go to  Fine Arts America platform where everyone can select their very own Joan Dance reproduction at a very affordable price. One may ask the question, what can be done with a Joan Dance image ? Well the uses are unlimited, the images were produced while Ms. Dance contemplated Holy things, therefore the images release correct thoughts. If a person has a problem then that person can utilize their personal image to concentrate on Holy things and from there the problem will solve itself with the help of the the Most High. That's right the Lord God will personally change the outlook by changing what is looked at. And the very best thing to look at is a Joan Dance Painting. To view the selection simply go to Fine Arts America and in the search bar place the words Joan Dance. There will be twelve images to choose from that can be sent to your place of abode and you can select the one that calls to you personally. From there you can place that image in a place that you may access them when the trails and tribulations of life become to much to bear. Think on your problem and the solution will make itself manifest via the power of the Spirit of God Himself. He already wants to solve your unsolvable problems because the problems are simply just a way to get your attention. Therefore gain His attention with the help of a Joan Dance Painting. Try this out and see for yourself and when you do then tell someone. Let another know about this great thing and let a loved one in on this concentrative ability that the paintings convey. God Bless and do the purchase for your very own Joan Dance Painting.

July 2012

Welcome to Edmonds Gallery July posting. We have for your viewing pleasure the latest painting from the hand of the artist entitled                         " Homecoming." In the painting we see various people that are attending the homecoming. They are doing different things. What are some of the things that we want to do in our homecomings. Now is the time to think about making them happen.

April update

Welcome to Edmonds Gallery update for April. Your attention is directed to the new feature
of the painting of the week. This week on" the Fifty Two Weeks of Dance", we feature, "Tea for Two". This image represents a couple. The twain became one flesh. As it was in the beginning so it continues. Stay tuned for the following weeks  on Edmonds Gallery, featuring the paintings of Joan Dance.

January 2012 update

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Welcome to 2012 viewers of Joan Dance Paintings. This year we will be concentrating on placing the original Joan Dance Paintings with their new owners. The first thing that will be done is to adjust the prices of the paintings to reflect the new year. The prices will rise to reflect annual gains in value. The new year adds on 15 percent across the board. This is one of the good thing about the ownership of Joan Dance art. The owners are guaranteed to profit from that ownership.